About us

The art of making women feel confident

DORO DI LAURO has always been fascinated by the special challenge of swimwear: the art of clothing women in minimal fabric while allowing them to feel confident and beautiful. When you are wearing it, every part must feel like a second skin. That calls for experienced tailoring and intelligent materials.

To guarantee the quality and fit of our garments we produce solely in a small spe- cialist manufacturer outside Milan in Italy and using carefully sourced materials that are eco-friendly, breathable, and ultra-resistant to chlorine and salt water. As we are based in Munich, Germany, we are always in close contact with our manufacturers, where the work is still done by hand.

We love the female shape in all its forms and are inspired by the strong women inside it. Our design aesthetic combines clean, subtle lines with vibrant colours and prints, a swimwear piece from DDL is classic and subtle but never out of style.

Our goal is to deliver a combination of function and style, to create beachwear that seems effortless yet not only requires craftsmanship but also the materials that make it a long-lasting piece you will want to wear and can wear for a long time.